Composites is the flagship division of Elan Technologies, with expertise in composite tooling and high-tolerance parts from a number of materials including carbon, uni-directional, pre-preg glass, aramids, Kevlar, and woven polypropylene.  Many of our projects utilize either metallic and non-metallic honeycomb cores to reduce weight and improve structure.  Whether using the heat and pressure or our autoclaves, our compression presses, or the simplicity of our wet lay-up process, our parts are among the highest quality available.   With a variety of manufacturing techniques and capabilities to choose from, our composite division has successfully worked on platforms in a number of industries.  Contact us for your next project.  We love a challenge.  And, we get results.  Give us a call, and find out how we can help on your next project.

“Elan clearly has the expertise to solve problems and it is immediately evident that they have the experts in place within their organization to do things the right way.  Our experienced technicians and designers were very impressed with the extensive knowledge, the willingness to quickly help us find a solution to a complicated problem and we look forward to using their expertise in the future to expand our business in composite repair and manufacture.”

Delta Composites and Manufacturing
Delta Air Lines, Inc.


Equipment / Capabilities:

  • 8ft x14ft Autoclave
  • 4.5ft x12ft Autoclave
  • 12ft x12ft Walk in Oven
  • Gerber Kit Cutter
  • Clean Room monitored for temperature and humidity
  • 24in x24in Heated press
  • CMM and FARO Inspection Equipment
  • Large 12ft x14ft Walk in Freezer


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